About Us

Stem Cell Community at Children'sOdleya Hartung, a scientist in the hESC core, applying a differentiation medium to human embryonic stem cells.

The Stem Cell Community at Boston Children’s Hospital is a broad and active one, comprising more than forty “affiliated” faculty and labs within Children’s that are engaged in stem cell research as well the core Stem Cell Program and its faculty. The affiliated labs represent a wide range of departments, demonstrating the cross-cutting nature of interest and belief in the potential of stem cells. Some of the extensive research currently underway by our affiliated faculty labs is discussed in the Research on Diseases section of this website.

Twice a year, campus-wide “Stem Cell Days” are held for all Children’s Stem Cell Affiliate Faculty and their labs, to come together with members of the stem cell program. These events result in an opportunity for sharing research and for developing cross-collaborations on areas of common interest.



  • Business plan, mission, goals

    To deliver on the promise of stem cell research as swiftly as possible, the Stem Cell Program at Children’s Hospital Boston has devised a meticulous business plan in consultation with business, philanthropic and biotechnology leaders, the plan lays out the milestones and investments necessary to bring the Program’s first stem cell therapy to clinical trials within five years. Learn more about the Stem Cell Program’s mission and its five top-priority clinical goals.