Stem Cell Community

Affiliate Members

The Children's Hospital Boston Stem Cell Affiliates Program:

More than 40 faculty members from a wide range of disciplines and departments at Children’s Hospital Boston have joined the Stem Cell Program at Boston Children’s Hospital as Affiliate Members. Although not working directly within the Program, many Affiliate Members are conducting research or exploring investigatory avenues closely related to its work.

The Affiliates participate in a range of semi-annual events sponsored by the Stem Cell Program; through these events, members have an opportunity to exchange information, share discoveries, and build collaborations. The expertise, insights and research of the Affiliate Members add significantly to the resources of the Program, and their individual research initiatives are creating new pathways toward finding treatments for disease.

Current Stem Cell Program Affiliate Members:

Frederick Alt, PhD
Scott Armstrong, MD
Larry Benowitz, PhD
Joyce Bischoff, PhD
David Breault, MD, PhD
Diana Carlone, PhD
Gabriel Corfas, PhD
Jonathan Dinsmore, PhD
Dario Fauza, MD
Markus Frank, MD
Michael Freeman, PhD
Yuko Fujiwara, PhD
Anne Fulton, MD
Raif Geha, MD
Craig Gerard, MD, PhD
Norma Gerard, PhD
Melvin Glimcher, MD
Richard Grand, MD
Emanuela Gussoni, PhD
Peter Hauschka, PhD
Xi He, PhD
Zhigang He, PhD
Donald Ingber, MD, PhD
Laurie Jackson-Grusby, PhD
Mark Kieran, MD, PhD
Stella Kourembanas, MD
Bernhard Kuhn, MD
Louis Kunkel, MD
Jordan Kreidberg, MD, PhD
Wayne Lencer, MD, PhD
M.William Lensch, PhD
Sean Li, MD
Olin Liang, PhD
Judy Lieberman, MD
Harvey Lodish, PhD
Hongbo Luo, PhD
Samuel Edward Lux IV: MD
S. Alex Mitsalis, PhD
Robert Montgomery, PhD
Marsha Moses, PhD
Karen Moulton, MD
Stuart Orkin, MD
Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD
Paul Rosenberg, MD, PhD
Anjana Rao, PhD
Klaus Rajewsky, MD
Derrick Rossi, PhD
Virna Sales, MD
Lynda Schneider, MD
Leslie Silberstein, MD
Lois Smith, MD, PhD
Piotr Sliz, PhD
Timothy Springer, PhD
Uli von Andrian, MD, PhD
David A. Williams, MD
Bruce Yankner, MD, PhD
Bruce Zetter, PhD