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hESC Research Review Process

Children's Hospital Boston has established an internal institutional review process for any work involving the use of human embryonic stem cells, all requirements of which must be met before any form of hESC research may be conducted.

Proposals are reviewed to insure that scientific, institutional, and legal standards will be appropriately met in the course of the research. The hospital’s Committee on Clinical Research (IRB) and the Office of Research Administration conduct a rigorous and detailed review of each hESC research proposal. These groups and others at the hospital provide on-going counsel to researchers and physicians around all aspects of stem cell research.

As recommended by the National Academy of Sciences, all applications to conduct hESC research at Children’s Hospital are also reviewed by an Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (ESCRO) which includes public representative as well as persons with expertise in developmental biology, stem cell research, molecular biology, assisted reproduction, and ethical and legal issues in human embryonic stem cell research.

No hESC work can be undertaken at Children’s Hospital without project specific authorization from the ESCRO, the institutional IRB, and the Office of Research Administration.