Stem Cell Program Labs

The hESC Core Facility

The hESC Core Facility at Children’s Hospital Boston provides training in stem cell culture, regulations, and separation of funding requirements to the Hospital's stem cell community. We also maintain the internal Children's Hospital Boston stem cell registry and bank, expand, perform quality control for, and ship Children's Hospital Boston hESC lines to laboratories interested in these lines.

Our research efforts focus on directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells. We combine fluorescent imaging and other stem cell based assays with high-throughput chemical screening approaches in order to identify novel agents and pathways that affect cell fate. Our goal is to derive blood stem cells from pluripotent stem cells.


Thorsten Schlaeger, PI

Xiao Guan, Postdoc.

Odelya Hartung, Research Assistant

Phil Manos, Research Assistant

Iris Huo, Research Assistant

Mam Ratanasirintrawoot, PhD Student

Sumon Datta, former Research Assistant

Justine Miller, former Research Assistant

Leah Boyer, former Research Assistant

Holly Young, former Research Assistant


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