Former Lab Intern’s Artwork Makes ‘Trends in Cell Biology’ Cover

Trends in Cell Biology, December 2010, Volume 20, Issue 12

Not only is Annie Lensch a former summer intern in the Stem Cell Program, but she is also the daughter of one of our researchers, Dr. M. William Lensch. (Meet Dr. Lensch in this video overview of the Daley Lab.) Annie’s artwork graces the cover of the December 2010 Trends in Cell Biology, shown to the left. (Visit the online version of the publication here.)

Annie, an 18-year-old high school senior in Utah, worked under Dr. George Daley’s supervision last summer doing basic lab work, filming a video-based journal article as a “how-to” guide for a stem cell-based lab assay, and helping with website design.

Annie Painting (Photo Courtesy M. William Lensch)

When Dr. Daley learned of Annie’s interest in art during their initial internship meeting, he suggested they create a summer experience that touched on art as well as research science. “Success in science and art draw on many of the same elements—creativity, perseverance, attention to detail, the ability to see things differently,” said Dr. Daley. “I encouraged Annie to use her talents in design, illustration, and video to refine our website, enliven our scientific presentations, and capture our science in a new light. Annie set herself to the task and created a remarkable array of illustrations of our life in the lab, some overtly realistic while others much more abstract and even fanciful.”

Annie with her father, Dr. M. William Lensch, after receiving her Children's Hospital ID for the summer. (Photo Courtesy M. William Lensch)

After Annie designed a series of cover art suggestions for a paper the lab had under consideration, Dr. Lensch sent a sample of his daughter’s artwork to an editor he knew at Cell Press, and it eventually made its way to Trends in Cell Biology. The editor requested a new, independent work for the December cover, and it was accepted. “I was so proud when her work was accepted for the cover,” said Dr. Lensch. “Just can’t even convey how pleased I was. When the journal put the image up on their website, I smiled so much that by the end of the day my face hurt!”

Annie’s watercolor, “The new building blocks of cell biology,” illustrates the theme of the December Trends in Cell Biology, a special issue which deals with interdisciplinary approaches to cell biology.

Other examples of Annie’s artwork:

Alex, a technician in Thorsten Schlaeger's lab.

An abstract representation of looking down into a laboratory hazardous waste bin.