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Carla Kim receives Distinguished Research in Lung Cancer

Dr. Carla F. Kim, PhD, principal investigator at Boston Children’s Hospital Stem Cell Program and associate professor of genetics and pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, received the William Rippe Award for Distinguished Research in Lung Cancer for her project regarding precision medicine opportunities for BRG1 deficient lung cancers. Press Release  ... Read More »

DJ Romeo visits the zebrafish labs of Dr. Leonard Zon

DJ Romeo from KISS 108 stopped by Children’s recently to take a tour of our zebrafish lab. Take a look at his video featuring Dr. Leonard Zon to learn more about the work being done here.... Read More »

Kim Lab Paper Wins Popular Vote for Best Paper of 2010 in Cell Stem Cell

Congratulations to the Kim Lab: Cell Stem Cell just announced that their paper, “Primary tumor genotype is an important determinant in identification of lung cancer propagating cells,” beat out five others to win the journal’s “Best Paper of 2010” contest. The paper is the first to identify a lung tumor-propagating cell population. Additionally, the findings […]... Read More »

Kim Lab Paper Nominated for Best Cell Stem Cell Paper for 2010

We are excited to announce that a paper from the Kim Lab, “Primary tumor genotype is an important determinant in identification of lung cancer propagating cells,” is one of six finalists in a contest to name the best paper to appear in the journal Cell Stem Cell during 2010. View the paper’s abstract here. The […]... Read More »

Zon Lab Publishes Two Melanoma Papers in Nature, March 2011

The Zon lab has announced the publication of two major melanoma studies by members and affiliates of the lab in the March 24, 2011 issue of Nature. The cover of the issue features a photograph taken by one of the researchers, Yariv Houvras, M.D., Ph.D., of a heavily pigmented zebrafish whose melanocytes express SETDB1 and BRAF(V600E).... Read More »

An epidermal stem cell “on/off switch” and its implications for skin cancer and burns

Children’s Hospital Boston Stem Cell Program’s Dr. Fernando Camargo and colleagues published a paper in the March 2011 issue of Cell identifying a molecule called Yap1 – already known in fruit flies – to control skin stem cell growth in mice and humans. Since Yap1 can regulate gene activity in a way that instructs skin […]... Read More »

Cerebrospinal Fluid May Play Role in Brain Stem Cell Development

From the Ancient Greeks to 17th century Sweden, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) – the clear liquid in which the human brain floats – was assigned some amount of importance by scientists, but in recent centuries, the roles of CSF have been downplayed. It is seen as a cushion and protector for the brain, among a few […]... Read More »

Dr. Camargo Named One of 100 Most Influential People in Mass. Latino Community

Every year El Planeta Publishing releases a list called the Powermeter (el Poderómetro) recognizing 100 of "Massachusetts's Most Influential People in the Latino Community." For the second year, Dr. Fernando Camargo, Principal Investigator in the Stem Cell Program at Children's Hospital Boston, appears on the list.... Read More »

TET Enzymes Play a Role in Stem Cell Lineage

The Rao lab, part of the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston and the Immune Disease Institute (PCMM/IDI), published a paper about embryonic stem cells in the February 2011 issue of Cell Stem Cell. Dr. George Daley, Director of the Stem Cell Transplantation Program at Children’s Hospital Boston, is one of […]... Read More »

Dr. Leonard Zon Discusses Direct Conversion of Mouse Skin Cells to Heart Cells on NPR

A more direct method of reprogramming stem cells may be possible. Researchers at University of California, San Diego and The Scripps Research Insitute published a paper in Nature Cell Biology (published online 1/30/11, not yet in print) highlighting their ability to convert mouse skin cells directly to heart cells, passing over the induced pluripotent stem cell stage, previously thought to be necessary.... Read More »

Derrick Rossi Recognized in TIME’s 2010 “People Who Mattered”

Derrick Rossi, PhD. Photo by Rachel Blumenthal/Children’s Hospital Boston. In September 2010, the journal Cell Stem Cell released important findings by Children’s Hospital researcher Derrick Rossi, PhD. Rossi is an investigator at the Immune Disease Institute/Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at Harvard Medical School, […]... Read More »

Dr. Leonard Zon Delivers E. Donnall Thomas Lecture at Hematology Meeting

Dr. Leonard Zon, Director of the Stem Cell Program, delivered the E. Donnall Thomas Lecture at the 52nd American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, which was held in Orlando, Florida from December 4th to December 7th, 2010. Dr. Zon's lecture was titled “Blood Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation – Lessons From Embryonic Development.” The yearly E. Donnall Thomas Lecture, which was named after a Nobel Prize laureate and past president of the ASH, "recognizes pioneering research achievements in hematology," according to the ASH website. Dr. Zon was given the 2010 prize in recognition of his work with hematopoietic stem cells.... Read More »

Former Lab Intern’s Artwork Makes ‘Trends in Cell Biology’ Cover

Not only is Annie Lensch a former summer intern in the Stem Cell Program, but she is also the daughter of one of our researchers, Dr. M. William Lensch. (Meet Dr. Lensch in this video overview of the Daley Lab.) Annie's artwork graces the cover of the December 2010 Trends in Cell Biology. Annie, an 18-year-old high school senior in Utah, worked under Dr. George Daley's supervision last summer doing basic lab work, filming a video-based journal article as a "how-to" guide for a stem cell-based lab assay, and helping with website design.... Read More »

Dr. Leonard Zon on NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists

Dr. Leonard Zon, Director of the Stem Cell Program at Children's Hospital Boston, has a secret! What do you think it is?... Read More »

Children’s Responds to Boston Globe Op-Ed

On November 14, 2010, The Boston Globe published an op-ed by Raymond L. Flynn, Mayor of Boston from 1984 until 1993, sharing his thoughts on embryonic and adult stem cell research. This is our response.... Read More »



  • Boston Globe

    The work of Dr. Leonard Zon and Dr. George Daley is discussed in an article examining the slowing of research progress as a result of the ongoing court battle for federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research. Read More.

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    Dr. Leonard I. Zon reflects on the latest developments in the court battle regarding federal funding of human embryonic stem cells. Read More.

  • Boston Globe

    A December 1, 2010 article in the Boston Globe‘s business section highlights the work of Verastem Inc., a local company for which Children’s Hospital Boston’s Dr. George Daley is on the scientific advisory board. “The founding scientists and advisors of Verastem are some of my favorite colleagues,” said Dr. Daley. “I am looking forward to the quest to find drugs that kill the rare cells that sustain some cancers.” Read More.

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    Leonard Zon, MD reflects on a decade of stem cell research. Read More.

  • Forbes

    Dr. George Daley comments on the possibility of converting specialized cells directly to other specialized cells. While other researchers are reporting very early successes, clinical trials are a long way off. “There’s a lot of experiments failing,” Daley told Forbes. “A lot of people are just taking a trial-and-error approach, and that’s fundamentally inefficient. And yet, it may create a breakthrough.” Read More.