Unexpected link between cancer and diabetes revealed (9/29/11)

“Imprinted” developmental genes gain new roles in adult stem cells (9/2/11)

Zebrafish model of human melanomas reveals genetics and potential drugs (3/23/11)

Study Illuminates Role of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Brain Stem Cell Development (3/10/11)

New clue to controlling skin regeneration– as well as skin cancer (3/3/11)


Combining stem-cell and gene-therapy techniques to tackle a deadly blood disease (10/22/10)

Safe, efficient method reported for creating and differentiating human pluripotent stem cells (9/30/10)

Len Zon Among Six Researchers to Receive Prestigious Awards From the American Society of Hematology (7/22/10)

Stem cells made by reprogramming hold onto their past — Residual “memory” of the tissue of origin makes it harder to turn them into other cell types (7/19/10)

A fateful pause — Genetic mechanism once thought rare may allow rapid cell production (7/8/10)

Normal adult blood can generate pluripotent stem cells, study reports (7/1/10)

Cancer Stem Cells are Not One Size Fits All, Lung Cancer Models Show (7/1/10)

The Stem Cell Program at Children’s Hospital Boston Launches New Website (5/10/10)

Fragile X syndrome iPS cells and embryonic stem cells behave differently (5/6/10)

Embryonic stem cells teach lessons about Fanconi anemia (3/2/10)

Induced pluripotent stem cells from patients with a premature aging disorder bring surprises (2/17/10)

Melanoma stem cells’ evasive talents (1/12/10)


Bone marrow stem cells may prevent chronic lung disease (12/1/09)

When is a stem cell really a stem cell? (11/23/09)

Stem cell protein offers a new cancer target (5/31/09)

Embryo’s heartbeat drives blood stem cell formation (5/13/09)


Neural stem cells may help repair spina bifida in utero (9/9/08)

Daley and colleagues create 10 disease-specific stem cell lines (8/7/08)

New source of heart stem cells discovered (6/22/08)

Transparent fish make human biology clearer (2/6/08)

Researchers create stem cell lines from poor-quality discarded embryos (1/27/08)


Boston Children’s Hospital researchers create first stem cell line using fresh skin cells from volunteer subject (12/23/07)

Discredited Korean stem cells’ true origins revealed (8/2/07)

New president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research seeks to advance stem cell science (6/18/07)

Pediatric cancer stem cell identified (6/1/07)


Researchers create genetically-matched embryonic stem cells for transplantation [parthenogenesis] (12/14/06)

Researchers map protein network that regulates “stemness” (11/8/06)

Scientists isolate leukemia stem cells (7/17/06)

Children’s Hospital Boston researchers to create patient-specific embryonic stem cells (6/6/06)

**Backgrounder: the approval process

**Backgrounder: Boston Children’s Hospital: A leader in blood research


Boosting production of blood-forming stem cells (9/21/05)


Genes discovered that regulate stem-cell development (9/18/03)



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